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We love the way you have grooomed her, this is the way I always want her done.  There isn't one part that we don't like you did a great job. 
we are very sorry about the tangles she usually gets groomed just as her hair is getting long and this time we waited to have her done by you sorry again I hope it wasn't to much trouble.  What are your rates for grooming going to be?

Tracy - Shih Tzu


Once again just want to thank you fo a fantastic job u done on Bella and Nanook.  Thought u might want these photos tht were taken today.


Martin  - Huskey & Huskey/Malumute mix 

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this sent back to, we've been extremely busy. I know you wanted an "evaluation" Jack's groooming.

There's nothing negative that I can say. Both my husband and I were extremely pleased with Jack's nails and how clean he was. We can't seem to get him that clean when we bathe him!
I will admit though I was a little nervous leaving him (the way I was leaving my daighter for the first time with someone that wasn't a relative), but when I came back Jack was happy and looked like he had had some fun. It was nice knowing that he wasn't kept in a cage from the time I dropped him off to the time I picked him up.
As I said when I picked Jack up, please let me know whether you decide to continue doing the grooming from your home or whether you go to a Grooming business. Either way if possible we'd like to keep you as Jack's Groomer.

Thanks very much once again!
Stacey Barker & Jack - Parson's Russel/Corgy mix


Thank you for the follow up.  I in all honesty thought you did a great job, u r obviously very patient and kind and the job you did was very thorough.  I think you used good judgement in the areas where he was sensitive and the cut looks really good.  Actually we took him for a walk around Fairy Lake, Newmarket and were stopped by numerous people complimenting him-he was feeling pretty good about himself! lol..if you ever need me for a reference pls feel free to. 

Hope this helps,






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