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Here you can purchase an unique personalized gift for someone special to you. All you do is provide me with a clear photo of this person and I will duplicate it in pencil onto a customized cartoonbody (caricature).

Some people have had some unique ideas of their own with my past commissons for them.

For example;

One couple had their wedding caricature framed with a large matting and had their guests use this as a sign-in board rather then a guest book - Engenious!

Another person used their portrait as a center peice on their golf tournament tables surounded by an assortments of flowers - Cool!

Most people give them to friends or family as a Birthday, Anniversary, or Wedding gift, and I bet you they were the talk of that party!

Please take the time to read what past customers have said about my work:

"I just got back from picking up the framed portrait that you did for us --wow, it looks wonderful. Wait until Fern gets back from N.B. this weekend and sees it already framed and hanging in our family room. If you have time, drop in to see it!!! Thanks so much again."

Linda Hawtin

"Kelly, the picture of Sara and Kevin is amazing. It's in being framed. I'll show you the final product when I get it back...thanks again!! Awesome job!!! They will love it! Thank you"

Angie Chetty


  • Your photo must be a clear picture, and large enough for me to "see the whites" of their eyes. I can only draw what I can see, therefore the drawing is only as good as the photo provided. A brief description of the subject would also be beneficial ie. colour of hair, eyes, age etc...

  • Indicate what you would like your subjects cartoon body to be doing i.e. dancing, riding a bike, etc... or I can come up with some ideas for you.

  • All portraits are drawn in pencil on 300 series Bristol Vellum paper.

  • Caricatures done on the larger size paper (19x24) may need to be cut-to-size.

"Please note that I only do a few of these a year as they do take up alot of my time, so if you want to make sure you get your portrait make sure you order early as I get alot of requests too close to Christmas time to fill all my orders."


Portraits are done on first come first served bases. I will accept portrait orders all year round, but these orders will only be delivered three times per year. Portait completion/delivery dates are April, August and December.

I am curently not excepting orders at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For Christmas gift orders – please try to order early, this is a busy season and last minute orders may not be able to guarentee delivery in time for the holiday.


Scan your photo and send it in your email to : or..

"snail mail" to: Pencil Portraits - 86 Castille Cres. Keswick, ON L4P 3L2 Canada

Any questions or concerns? Contact me at #(289) 231-1230


  • Caricatures with one (1) subject are done on 11x14 size paper and are priced at $100 (CAN Dollars)

  • (more then two subjects together have to be done on larger paper; currently I carry 19x24)

  • Add $30 (CAN Dollars) for each additional subject to a maximum of five (5) people

  • If you need more then 5 people together please email me to discuss what can be done.

  • A edgeless frame can be purchased to fit your 11x14 portrait for an additional $10 (CAD Dollars)

  • $9 (CAD Dollars) Shipping & Handling charge applies to deliveries within Ontario Canada 1-2 business days).

  • $12 (CAD Dollars) Shipping & Handling charge to all other provinces in Canada (approx. 2-5 business days).

  • $18 (US Dollars) Shipping & Handling charge to USA (approx. 10-11 business days).

  • $26 (US Dollars) Shipping & Handleing charge to USA (approx. 5-6 business days).

Prices effective as of June 1, 2005

*All prices listed are in Canadian Dollars usless specified

and will require 8% PST for Ontario Canada residents ONLY


Money order or..

You can pay via PAY PAL (free to use, and ensures a safe transaction over the internet straight from your Visa, Master Card or Bank Account). I recommend this method as it is faster.

A non-refundable $30.00 (CAN Dollars) deposit is required when you send me your picture before I can start. I will email you with a copy of the finished product and instruct you on how to forward the balance of your bill before I can ship your portrait out to you.

Please make all money orders out to :

Kelly Zimmersmann




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