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About ME

My name is Kelly Orr and I am a Pet Groomer soon to opperate my Grooming shop in Alliston Ontario. 

I LOVE dogs big or small, was even told that the first word anyone ever heard me say was "Hi there doggie!". I have graduated from ICS Canada Grooming School, and have completed a Pet First Aid Course for your furbabies safety. I worked for Petsmart for awhile to gain some "shop" experience during my schooling, and learned that your dogs "safety" is number one in this profession. After I graduated I set up a part time business in my home in Keswick. I've enjoyed working with dogs so much that when I moved to Alliston Ontario and set up shop here to run my business full-time. I have a past education in the Art world and am proud of my hand drawn portraits. I've always looked for ways to make a living using my artistic skills and now consider Dog Grooming another medium in the Artistic profession.  

(That's me and my very own "Fur Baby" Rosie in the photo).



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